If you are interested in participating in an all Irish Pipe meet, please fill out the form below to be added to our mailing list.  This is to determine how much interest there is, and if it is financially feasible to proceed and establish an all Irish event.

Please complete all fields that apply:


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Do you listen to Irish/Scottish pipe music, or do you play?  

What type of pipes do you play?  

Do you have an interest in the Irish Warpipes, Brian Borus, or Uilleann Pipes?  

Are you a member of an all Irish pipe band at present?  

What would you expect to gain by participating in an all Irish meet?  

Where in the United States would you like to see an all Irish meet held?  

What time of year would you like to see the meet held?  

Would you be interested in serving the meet in an official capacity?  

Should this event be sanctioned by the existing bodies that govern piping events and competition or should it establish a new governing body for the Irish styles only?  

Would you like to help sponsor this meet?  

This information will only be used to determine the criteria for this event and will not be given, sold, or leased to any other sources as survey or personal information.  Thank you for your time and participation in answering these questions.

Please send your questionnaire answers and any additional information or inquiries to: R.T. Reeder


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